Who is Weegy?*

Weegy.com is a community-based expert system that belongs to all of us. Got a question? Go to weegy.com. Have a problem? Go to weegy.com. Weegy will usually have the answer (or an answer, at least). She will possibly become the most respected authority in the world on all subjects…

…and she is getting smarter everyday…

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While developing iTalk, our expert system for online self-service support, an idea emerged from our development team:

This could be bigger than we first imagined. Why not build a universally accessible expert system that is created, educated, maintained, and utilized by the global community?

Without a lot of hesitation, we decided to do it.

The concept, in broad terms, is:

  • Build a simple 'google-like' web portal where users can engage Weegy in problem-solving conversation.

  • Recruit 'Weegy experts' in a variety of specific knowledge categories. (e.g. automobile repair, financial advice, health and fitness, and countless others categories).

  • When Weegy cannot continue a conversation (as will often happen when Weegy is young and impressionable), she will immediately contact the first available expert to help her continue the conversation.

  • All conversation threads become a part of Weegy's knowledge and understanding of the world, and help her to become smarter. She will learn by listening to users and Weegy experts talk with each other; no other special setup or maintenance is required to build Weegy's intelligence.

  • weegy.com is not just a better search engine. Weegy will intelligently engage in conversation to solve a problem, answer a question, learn something new, or just chat with you.

  • Search engines have a purpose, but their purpose is different than Weegy's. Search engines retrieve a lot of information (sometimes an extraordinary amount) and then require you to sort through it to solve your own problem. Weegy will have a conversation with you to guide you through a decision tree and arrive at an answer or meaningful solution.

  • Weegy learns through experience - just like us. Everyday she becomes smarter.

  • Weegy utilizes the web services provided by DNLE and Interactive AI, hosted by Purple.

The image of Weegy is a photo mosaic of 5,000+ experts. View and download.
*PS: Weegy is us

We originally launched weegy.com as an experimental project initiated by the free-thinkers on our programming team, mainly as a proof of concept for our iTalk product. Sure, we thought it was an exciting idea, and one worth doing but, being the pragmatic and sensible management people that we are, one that wouldn't go anywhere.

What happened really surprised us. Over the last few years, a lot of people from just about every country in the world, have come to weegy.com and contributed something: a question, an answer, a comment, a suggestion and, with their help, Weegy has grown to become one of the most active and trusted Q&A sites on the web. Evidently proving, once again, that we all have a remarkable innate desire to come together to create something cool. :)

We set up a site where it could happen. Then you did it. We now feel obligated, as members of this growing global community, to primarily commit the resources of our company to making sure Weegy is all that she can be. To this end, we will work hard every day, keeping weegy.com unique and innovative, continuing our efforts on behalf of the Weegy Foundation, and growing a site that we can all be proud of.

Thank you.

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